Convicted conman pastor Kong Hee and the new pastor of City Harvest Church Sun Ho may be guilty for tax evasion over the receiving of “love gifts” worth S$1.4 million between 2006 and 2009.

The S$1.4 million funding comes from a specially-created fund called “Multi-Purpose Account” (MPA), which is contributed by church members. The MPA which was closed in 2010, only came to light during the court proceedings and were kept in secrecy from the public and even church members.

According to Kong Hee’s court statement:

“For the MPA, it is more for the livelihood of me and Sun… and for other non-music production expenses in the US because we are off the church’s salary.”

Court documents revealed the following:

-More than S$300,000 on travel
-More than S$100,000 on food
-About S$100,000 on Sun Ho’s hair and make-up
-Total spending by Kong Hee is about S$600,000
-Total spending by Sun Ho is about S$3 million

The fund were contributed by 40 of Kong Hee and Sun Ho’s closest supporters between 2006 and 2009. Kong Hee was also uncovered to have lied to Singaporeans in 2005 where he declared that he earned only S$8,000/mth, when he in fact earned S$500,000 a year from merchandising sales and giving speeches around the world.

However, Kong Hee, like a smooth con-artist, claimed that the donors gave him the millions willingly:

“All the donors, they knew that it’s a freewill giving, we didn’t coerce them, we didn’t force them. Some of them did indicate that we should use it for nothing else except for our own livelihood. We always treated this as a third-party fund with accountability… We do not use it in a cavalier fashion.”