In a bid to popularize self-services to Singapore consumers, Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say launched a campaign called “We are InDIYpendent” under the National Productivity Council at NTUC supermarket Nex’s outlet today (Nov 8).

Minister Lim Swee Say hope that Singapore consumers will move towards “self-service” so businesses can be relieved from the current manpower crunch in manual labour jobs like cashiering and dish collection. Singaporeans avoid manual labour jobs because they mostly pay as low as S$4 an hour or S$1,000 a month.

The PAP government has been insistent on not enacting a Minimum Wage law because Singapore businesses are against it. Earlier in June 2015, the Singapore Business Federation expressed their dissatisfaction over a mere S$60 increase for low wage workers, signaling that Singapore businesses are not ready to accept a Minimum Wage.

Many Singaporeans have been resistant to “self-services” in Singapore because the savings from the manpower ends up going into the profits of the businesses and the low wage workers losing their jobs. Businesses in Singapore are also resistant to buying new automation and technologies because wages are cheaper.

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