Five Taiwanese were arrested by the Singapore police for protesting outside Shangri-La hotel yesterday (Nov 7). Under the Singapore law’s Public Order Act, foreigners are not allowed to organise or participate in a public assembly without a police permit.

Many Taiwanese have expressed their dissatisfaction against the meeting between China President Xi Jin Ping and Taiwan President Ma Ying Jeou, as they are against the one-China policy believing that Taiwan should be an independent country of its own. The conflict goes as far back as 66 years ago when KMT lost the civil war in China to the communists and fled to Taiwan under the protection of the United States.

The Singapore police issued the following statement:

“Foreigners in Singapore are reminded to comply with our laws and heed the directions of the police and other officials. Those who break the law will be firmly dealt with.”

However no action was taken against PRC supporters who were earlier videoed singing the China national anthem and waving their China national flags in public at Queen Street, Bugis. Under the Singapore’s National Emblems Act, only foreign diplomats and missionaries are allowed to hold China flags, and no foreign national anthem is to be sang in public.