At a post-election conference held at the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), Education Minister Ong Ye Kung declared that a 70% landslide win means Singaporeans support PAP policies like the Pioneer Generation Package, increasing the number of HDB flats, a 6.9 million population target and property cooling measures.

The newly-elected Minister also stated that the PAP won the election due to Lee Kuan Yew and SG50:

“If you look in terms of percentage in hotly contested areas, there is no 10 per cent swing. It’s about 5. And given SG50 and the Lee Kuan Yew effect … I don’t think it’s a victory so jubilant to be celebrated.”

However Ong Ye Kung started contradicting himself when he said the ruling party PAP do not engage in political attacks against the Opposition parties:

“But at the same time we must evolve with the times, our policies have to change with circumstances. Voters want contestation of ideas, not theatrics or parties attacking each other… the whole idea of debate should give us a stronger consensus to move forward so we should welcome ideas from all political parties whether white, blue, yellow or so on.”

Singapore’s 2015 General Election was marred with relentless political attacks from the ruling party PAP against the Workers’ Party mainly over the Town Council sinking fund issues. PAP candidates like Sim Ann also launched personal attacks against the SDP’s Dr Chee over his past defamation suits in rally speeches.

At the conference, SDP’s Dr Chee planted a sarcastic remark at the audience of “academics” saying they are not contributing to Singapore society’s knowledge by being inactive and apathetic to political debates:

“The intelligentsia don’t seem to be encouraging or organising enough of these debates, to propel the kind of knowledge-based society we so desperately need.”