According to a survey conducted by government-controlled institution, Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), Singaporeans find mainstream media sources from Mediacorp and Singapore Press Holdings most trustworthy among other news sources.

On a scale from 1 (untrustworthy) to 5 (trustworthy), 2000 survey respondents put 3.03/5 and 2.98/5 on TV stations and newspapers respectively. The most untrustworthy media sources are online forums and portals while non-government news sites like States Times Review and The Online Citizen are ranked 2.57/5.

Graphic from CNA
Graphic from CNA

The survey is done by Dr Gillian Koh, a government-sponsored researcher who was made infamous recently for her relentless attacks on the Opposition Workers’ Party in TV interviews. Mainstream media often quote “academics” like Dr Gillian Koh from IPS and Professor Eugene Tan from SMU and refer them as “experts” as they do not embarrass the ruling party PAP by asking inconvenient questions.

In a press release over this IPS survey result, Associate Professor Eugene Tan from SMU added that the recently-demised Lee Kuan Yew gave the PAP a landslide win due to sympathy votes and accused the Opposition for inciting hatred:

“They (Opposition parties) attempted a time warp and sought to recreate the angst, anxiety and anger of GE 2011. But Lee Kuan Yew’s passing in March was still fresh and had a sobering effect on voters.

…The Opposition was also perceived to be going into uncharted waters, perhaps even undermining Singapore.

…In seeking to outflank the PAP, the Opposition ended up aggressively outflanking themselves. This drove conservative, middle-ground voters back into the arms of the tried-and-tested PAP. As a result, a potential “watershed”’ election turned out to be a “flight to safety”