The latest release of the electoral spending revealed that Singapore’s election is a rich man’s game.

While one may argue that electoral spending has nothing to do with votes, the corresponding result in GE2015 seems to suggest otherwise. With spendings many folds its opponents, the ruling party PAP swept to a 70% victory as their campaigns features better campaigning materials and increased outreach.

GE2015 clearly singalled that Singaporeans did not vote with resonance or for policies, and that the Singapore election be a contest of idea is clearly a myth. At the end of it all, it is about who having a deeper wallet and being in a better position to issue carrots.

Singapore’s electoral system allow a maximum budget of S$4 per voter, or a combined budget per political party of S$9.84 million for some 2.46 million voters. The only political party that can afford million dollar budget have to be the million dollar salaried ruling party Ministers and the MPs in crony positions holding multiple directorships in government stat boards themselves.

The truth is hence painfully obvious: Singapore elections is not for the poor and middle income. The island state will continue to be a single party so long Ministers draw million dollar salaries and their MPs continue to flourish in cronyism.