The Town Council was informed of the worker’s misconduct caught on film on the ground. However, they chose not to believe it and it was not looked into or verified. Instead, it was swept under the carpet and discredited. This is unacceptable as it contradicts the NEA’s zero-tolerance policy towards high-rise littering. To upload this online is my last option, not first as this issue has not been addressed appropriately by the Town Council for quite some time. I have been very kind, but they took advantage of my kindness and I feel that they’re being very unprofessional.

Like what MP Lee Bee Wah says, maybe whistle-blowers should get half the fine as a reward. This has gone on for too long and they’re being very unfair to residents. Instead of clearing this with me, they chose to say that all this is just my claim, therefore I have no choice but to post this since they doubt me. I hope I will be taken more seriously with this upload. Lapses are tolerable, but not encouraged. However, this lapse was made known to the Town Council and yet they chose to do nothing to address it. Therefore, this lapse is utterly unacceptable. SPO Tan Chye Seng is the officer-in-charge of this issue.

Cynthia Tan

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