Businessman Ronald Poon Swee Kay was forced to put up a S$33,372.06 of half-page apology adverts on five mainstream newspapers in 2003 by City Harvest Church which he accused of misusing the church monies to fund Sun Ho’s singing career.

The news made headlines in 2003 but there were not enough evidence to expose the church’s corruptions. According to old media reports, Pastor Kong Hee and church management met up with Ronald Poon and threatened to sue him. The matter only rested after Ronald Poon agreed to put up public apologies in newspapers.

In a media interview to the accusation in 2003, Kong Hee’s wife Sun Ho claimed that she was very hurt and even cried in front of reporters:

“I really don’t need this. At first, I was quite affected and wanted to give up everything and just go home. Then I thought, ‘Hey, my conscience is clear, and I’ve not done anything wrong.’ So, I’ll still come back to sing during the show.”

Members of City Harvest Church in 2003 were also told to vote for Sun Ho for the Favourite Artiste – Singapore at the MTV Asia Awards. The church also defended Sun Ho’s singing saying:

“Rev Kong’s stand (is) that no church funds were used to finance Ho’s pop career. It added that there was no hard-selling of her two CDs in the church and no question of a personality cult forming.”

Pastor Kong Hee has been found guilty of criminal breach of trust and falsifying accounts to the tune of S$24 million to fund Sun Ho’s doomed singing career. Sun Ho has since quitted singing due to unexpectedly-poor sales volume.