Update: M Ravi has cancelled the event on Saturday.

Lawyer M Ravi revealed to States Times Review that he will be contesting in the upcoming Law Society’s annual election to be the association’s President. M Ravi has also just recovered his license to practice next week but the Attorney General is delaying the approval.

At the same time, M Ravi will also be conducting the first protest at Hong Lim Park after the recent General Election. The topic of the protest will be against the Law Society for breaching its commitment to the rule of law and becoming a prosecution branch of the state to persecute lawyers.

M Ravi has also invited the current president of Law Society, Thio Shen Yi, to debate. Guest speaker will be lawyer Zero Nalpon who previously lodged a complaint against the Attorney-General over the misconduct of a Deputy Public Prosecutor.

The event will start at 5pm to 8.30pm this Saturday (Oct 24), with other speakers starting the speech. M Ravi will give a speech in four languages at 6.30pm and a press conference at 8pm. Attendees are urged to wear black with law students and lawyers in black suits.