A mentally unsound man suffering from chronic schizophrenia was jailed 3 years yesterday (Oct 16) for viciously attacking his handicapped elderly mother. The incident happened on 19 November 2014, where Rajesh Panuu, 31, became violent after complaining that his elderly mother’s walking frame was “noisy”. The unemployed man then throw the walking frame away which his mother, Narindar Kaur Darshan, 62, warned him that she will call his uncle for help.

This enraged Rajesh then start slapping and punching his mother on the face and proceeded to throw her handphone away and unplug the telephone landline. Rajesh then got a broom and start hitting his mother’s head until the broom snapped.

The bloodied elderly mother then tried to escape and her son took a plastic mug and hit her on the forehead. Rajesh then took a kitchen knife, made a death threat and start slashing his mother on her arm twice. He then went to the kitchen and boiled water for instant noodles because he was hungry and then used the boiling water to scald his mother with two pot of water.

Rajesh then washed up and fell asleep. When he woke up to find his mother lying on the floor, he called for an ambulance. The elderly woman was then hospitalised for 33 days for deep burns, lacerations and a fractured finger.

Rajesh’s defence lawyer told the court that the mental man has been admitted to the mental hospital, Institute of Mental Health, more than 10 times.

Unfortunately, the IMH was not able to correctly diagnose Rajesh as dangerously unsound which require isolation to keep himself and the people around him from harm.