36 year old Australian, Flynn Kevin Patrick, has been sentenced to one week’s jail today (Oct 15) for trespassing on the railway track, Sky Train, at Changi Airport. The Australian delivery driver was drunk and shouting in public on the railway track on July 16.

As a result of his drunken state, the free service shuttle train was stopped for 11 minutes and a further 30 minutes to retrieve the man’s bag left on the railway track. Flynn was supposed to fly to Philippines to meet his girlfriend and his son while on transit in Singapore. When he had 15 hours before his next flight to Philippines, he hopped onto the taxi asking for the nearest pub. The taxi driver then brought him to Orchard Towers where he drank eight glasses of Jim Beam whiskey at a pub named “Top 5” before he blacked out.

The Australian claimed that somebody drugged his drinks and that he was beaten up and his cash was stolen. He was brought back to Changi Airport in a taxi where he proceeded to climb onto the railway track. According to his lawyer, the Australian also claimed that he made 4 calls to police emergency hotline “112”, which is connected to Singapore’s local 999 hotline, but did not get a response.

Flynn was jailed a week for criminal trespassing, S$1,000 for being drunk in public and causing public nuisance, and S$500 for breaking a fire hose reel glass panel.