A 60 year old Singaporean grandmother was cursed by an illegal tissue peddler from People’s Republic of China (PRC) when she refused to purchase any tissue packets. The incident happened at a coffeeshop at Lorong Ah Soo and the grandmother was having breakfast with her husband when the tissue peddler in her 40s approached her.

The Singaporean grandmother, Zeng Lian Hua, told the PRC-accented tissue peddler in Mandarin that she doesn’t need any but the latter kept pestering her. After a while, the PRC national cursed her in Mandarin, “遭天谴” loosely translated as “Heaven will punish you” for not buying her tissue paper.

Several PRC tissue peddlers are also commonly seen in the neighbourhood vicinity of Clementi and Jurong West according to a Singaporean registered tissue peddler. Tissue peddling will require a license from the Singapore government and an annual license fee of S$120. However, due to the loose enforcement of Singapore authority, foreigners on visitor passes are making heaps of income as illegal tissue peddlers on the streets. Singaporans who are caught peddling tissue paper illegally face

According to the National Environment Agency, the “nominal fee of $120 a year, or $10 a month, entitles them (Singaporeans) to peddle their wares at fixed locations without having to pay any rent”. Only 11 tissue peddlers are officially registered.