PAP MP for Nee Soon Lee Bee Wah proposed to copy Taiwan’s littering enforcement regulations and pay half of the summons payment to litterbug whistleblowers yesterday (Oct 11).

“In Taiwan, every resident is an enforcement officer. They can video, they can take photo of the litterbug and submit to their NEA. And if there is successful prosecution, their NEA will give the resident who reported it half of the summons collected. My residents have given this suggestion and I thought it is a good one. So now I’m working with NEA, and we will try to pilot this in Nee Soon South in the near future.”

However public responses to her initiative are largely unfavourable as most stated that cleanliness campaigns should not be profit-driven and that it encourages an unhealthy culture of backstabbing between residents. The most-liked comment on Today Facebook, by Lim Meng Lee commented:

“What kind of MPs encourages Singaporeans to back stab Singaporeans? Is this how politics work these days?”