A Singaporean manager rented out his 5 room HDB unit at block 714 Woodlands to a couple from China, only to found out that they have rented the unit out to 20 sub-tenants 3 months later. Mr Tan, a logistic manager, made the shocking discovery when he went into his house to collect rent after the unnamed PRC couple kept coming out of excuses to deny him a visit.

Five double-decker beds were set up in the master room, three double-decker beds in one room, a queen-size bed in another room and two queen-size beds with white cloths as partitions in the living room.

When confronted by Mr Tan, the PRC couple lied in his face and said in Chinese:

“Nobody sleep on these beds. They are only for show.”

Corpses of cockroaches and human faeces were found all over the 5 room unit and the place was filthy and smelly. Fearing that his HDB unit might be confiscated by the authority, Mr Tan made a police report and complained to the HDB, which cancelled the rental agreement.

Photo of Shin Min report 3Photo of Shin Min report