The Singapore Ambassador-at-large described the hundreds of thousands of Malaysians who turned up at Bersih4 as “delusional”.

I argued that you attended Bersih4 not to make racial demands but to express your aspirations for a better Malaysia, defined by justice, good governance and democratic ideals. Mr Bilahari responded on his Facebook to tell us that while he “respected” our hopes, we should stop our pipe dreams.

In effect, his valuable advice is to quit whatever we are smoking, Mr Najib is a nice guy you can cut deals with. Instead, we should all accept the fact that multi-billion ringgit scandals and “donations” are costs Malaysians have to accept to ensure peace and prosperity.

I don’t care much if this was the view of some academic or armchair critic. But as the Ambassador-at-large, Mr Bilahari is a spokesman for Singapore. He did Singapore no favour by cementing the perception of his country as the mercenary prick of Southeast Asia.

And they wonder why they have no friends.

(Note: Mr Bilahari is not the High Commissioner to Malaysia, he is a roaming Ambassador based in Singapore)

Tony Pua

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