PAP MP Baey Yam Keng said Asian Paralympics competitors will take the public transport MRT trains to the competition venues because he wants them to be “inclusive to society”.

“The idea of inclusiveness is something we should be open about. If the athletes are seen in public, we can raise awareness of the Games and expose them to the athletes’ way of life.”

The Singapore government has decided that all Asian Paralympic athletes will take public transport to their competition venues with no shuttle bus arranged for competitions held at the Sports Hub.

Asian Paralympic Games gold medalist sailor Jovin Tan however hit out at the government’s decision to make the athletes take public transport, which is overcrowded at peak hours:

“Instead, we could be worrying over how to get to the venue, or how we will return to the hotel sweaty and tired after competing, and possibly jostling for space with office crowds.”

A Philippines Paralympics official also criticised the Singapore government’s decision:

“We don’t need missing or late athletes on top of the usual issues we have to deal with during major sporting events.”

The Singapore government arrangement is unprofessional and highlighted its lack of disregard for the Paralympics competition. How are athletes going to perform in the competition when they have to be worried about transport?

This Paralympic budget is S$75 million, dwarfing the recent SEA Games budget of S$324.5 million.