The Singapore High Court dismissed Amos Yee’s appeal in just 2 hours with the judge making similar assertions as the previous judgment. 16 year old blogger Amos Yee was appealing against his 4 weeks jail term after 53 days of imprisonment for making offensive remarks against the Christian religion and one count of circulating an obscene image. However, he was not present for the trial yesterday (Oct 8).

Amos Yee’s lawyer Alfred Dodwell questioned the judge if being rude warrant a 4 week jail setence. In response, Judge Tay Yong Kwang, took the opportunity to continue his criticism:

“This is not freedom of speech, this is a licence to humiliate others. It seems like Yee is throwing stones at his neighbour’s flat to force his neighbour to notice him.

Yee used coarse, hard-hitting words to arouse emotions … vulgar insults to deliberately provoke readers and draw them out…(he) should wean himself off his preference for crude, rude language (and engage in) real debate, which can flourish in an environment of goodwill, reasoning and civil language.”

Below is the repost of the offending YouTube video by Amos Yee, do you agree with the Judge this video warrant a 4 week’s jail?