A 54 year old pervert has been sentenced to 5 month’s jail today (Oct 1) for flashing in a MRT train in July this year.  Samyapal Muthusamy flashed himself to a 28 year old lady in the North-South line train between 11.50pm and 12.08am.

The lady was sleeping when she felt someone leaning against her shoulder. Samyapal then moved to sit directly opposite her and start flashing. The victim then start taking video of the voyeur performing his act. Both Samyapal and the lady alighted at Bukit Gombak MRT station, but the pervert did not follow her.

According to the court hearing, Samyapal has been convicted 9 times for similar-sex offences, with 6 flashing, 2 molest case and 1 for appearing nude in a public place. During judgment, Samyapal however said that he was sorry and regretted his actions.