Singaporean Ng Chong Guan, 27, has been jailed 7 years for criminal intimidation and assault when he anonymously phoned a clinic and made death threats to a nurse. The incident happened on June 30, where Chong Guan made three phone calls between 10.20am and 10.40am from public phones outside Bishan CPF building and opposite Bishan interchange.

Ng Chong Guan, who was verified as mildy intellectually disabled in court, told the nurse in Hokkien and English:

“I am a 369 gangster…today I will send my men to bomb your…clinic…you betray my girlfriend right, betray him right, let me tell you, you will be die, get killed by five o’clock.”

Photo of Ng Chong Guan from Singapore Police
Photo of Ng Chong Guan from Singapore Police

The “gangster” made the threat as a revenge because the private clinic, located 368 Geylang Road, called the police when his girlfriend left without paying for medication and treatment  five days earlier on June 25.

On a separate charge of assault which happened on June 20, Ng Chong Guan kicked a taxi driver, Tan Kok Chiew, in the face, rib and leg after he refused to leave his belongings as security deposit when he did not have money to pay for the taxi fare.

Ng Chong Guan was sentenced on Sep 25.