Photo of K Shanmugam from AFP

I wouldn’t say Indonesia sees Singapore as an enemy but Singapore is definitely not a friend and this is also why Indonesia could not care less about the haze issues in Singapore. Complain all you want indeed.

The solution to the haze issue is not putting out the forest fire but in the international relationship aspect. The haze is a result of failed diplomacy, not forest fire. If the Singapore PAP government continue to see no need to befriend “third world” countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and its neighbours, their governments are going to fix you like how you fixed your own opposition.

Photo of K Shanmugam from AFP
Photo of K Shanmugam from AFP

Minister Lim Swee Say’s “heng ah” comment best exemplifies how arrogant and disrespectful the ruling party PAP is towards foreign countries. Foreign Minister K Shanmugam is leading Singapore into a war if he continues his offensive comments against Indonesia.

Just like how they qualify a person’s capabilities through his academic achievements, in the PAP’s eyes, they weigh a country’s importance in terms of military strength and economic wealth. This is outdated if not damaging to international relations. Your “help” will only be seen as arrogance and show-off to Indonesia.

The PAP government is the kind of person who makes friends only with the rich and powerful. If you are not of any use to him, you won’t even get a hi from him. Now you know why Indonesia is so pissed with Singapore.

Indonesia is right when they say they have the equipment, manpower and capabilities to fix the forest fire. They just don’t want to.

Alex Tan