Minister for Social and Family Development Tan Chuan Jin claimed that there is nothing wrong with the PAP government policies and that it is the way the government communicates that is wrong.

“You can’t lead from a top-down perspective. As leaders, you must have the courage to make the decisions because, ultimately, you can’t be just going back and forth perpetually, but you do need to engage.

…And so, we also do need to change the way we converse and the way we talk.

…So it’s important for us, in a way, to communicate… to really look hard at the way we put things across.

the reason for which the PAP is pushing across policies and making adjustments is “always for the people. I think that should be the focus.”

According to Tan Chuan Jin, government policies are unpopular because of mis-communication and that Singaporeans do not understand. The ruling party PAP government has been brought back to power with a strong mandate of 69.86%, it is puzzling why did Tan Chuan Jin claim there is a need to change the way the government communicate when they are always claiming they are doing the right thing.

Photo of Tan Chuan Jin by The New Paper
Photo of Tan Chuan Jin by The New Paper