In an interview survey with 750 Singaporeans, insurance conglomerate Prudential and research firm Global Aging Institute published their findings today (Sep 15) and found that only 31% disagree that the Singapore Government is doing enough for their retirement. 42% surveyed agree otherwise.

Screenshot from Prudential GAI report
Screenshot from Prudential GAI report

Here are the key findings from the report:

  1. 70% of retirees aged 60 and above live with their children and 29% are heavily dependent on them
  2. 76% of working adults aged 20 and above believe they will work beyond 60 years old
  3. Only 60% believe taxes should be increase to help elderly in financial need
  4. 54% want to raise the Retirement Age of 65
  5. 89% want the Government to make workers save more for retirement

You may download the report from Prudential and GAI here.