Saying he is “perplexed” by the level of bitterness on the internet, Minister Tan Chuan Jin called for Singaporeans online to stand united with the PAP. The Minister for Social and Family Development said that his PAP team had very warm reception from Singaporeans during his walkabouts but when he goes to the internet, he felt totally different:

“While reception from residents to his Marine Parade team has been very warm, the online sentiment appeared to be different and didn’t seem to tally.

We were a bit perplexed also, because our ground sense was that it’s very warm and supportive and whether that translates into votes was difficult to say. So there was that uncertainty there.”

Photo of Tan Chuan Jin from Facebook
Photo of Tan Chuan Jin from Facebook

The ruling party PAP was brought back to power yesterday (Sep 12) with a 69.86% landslide win. However, sentiments by Singaporeans online, whom the ruling party called the “vocal minority”, are especially negative towards the PAP.

Although Minister Tan Chuan Jin is calling for unity with the ruling party PAP, he and his PAP comrades are not willing to listen and act in Singaporeans’ interests. Unlike the mainstream media which is generally a one-way communication, the online community provides Singaporeans a platform to contribute their feedback. Articles written by online editors discuss more in-depth analysis over government policies and naturally more contentions, which are both especially lacking in the government-controlled media.

Real issues affecting Singaporeans’ lives have remained unaddressed and the ruling party PAP are still insistent they see no problems with their national policies like 6.9 million population, CPF, healthcare, housing prices and media censorship.