Senior correspondent with The Straits Times, John Lui, mocked Workers’ Party (WP) supporters in his scathing article covering the aftermath of the election where the WP lost substantial votes. Right on his first statement, John Lui complained that people who want to change the government are usually self-serving people.

Photo of John Lui from The Straits Times
Photo of John Lui from The Straits Times

John Lui quoted an interview with a retiree who said his children cannot stand living in Singapore, and John Lui wrote:

“I want to say us, for one, and a few million others.”

He then interviewed another WP supporter, and laughed saying:

“There is bravado in his voice, but his face tells me the opposite.”

John Lui continued to mock the Opposition supporters’ losses saying:

“After their long list of ills plaguing the governance of this nation, they sound horribly pessimistic, as if they would wake up tomorrow to see smoking ruins.”

You may read John Lui’s original article here.