Singapore Press Holding’s The New Paper today (Sep 10) broke the cooling off day law and advertised for former Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. According to the election law, there should be no election campaigning on cooling off day. A photo of supporters giving Lee Hsien Loong a thumbs up is clearly political advertising.

The following are prohibited at any time on Cooling-off Day and Polling Day at an election in an electoral division:

  1. Knowingly publishing, or knowingly causing or permitting to be published, any election advertising in or among electors in the electoral division; and
  2. Knowingly displaying, or knowingly causing or permitting to be displayed, any election advertising on any vehicle, thing or structure within the electoral division or adjoining the electoral division.
Screenshot from Facebook
Screenshot from Facebook

The post promoting Lee Hsien Loong was put up on 9.20am. A police report can be made against The New Paper for breaking the cooling off law and giving the ruling party PAP an unfair advantage over the Opposition.