What happened in the past 4 years since 2011 is an indication of the future ahead of Singaporeans. States Times Review strongly believe Singaporeans should vote on track record and not be intimidated or swayed by hocus pocus speeches that serves no practical purpose bringing the country forward.

Photo of Singapore
Photo of Singapore

Singaporeans currently hold the record of being the most ill-informed society among first world countries, it is hence important to remember facts and actual happenings.

Here is a recap of the track record in the past 4 years, which the editor wish Singaporeans could remember as they decide where to mark a cross on:

  1. Public Transport
    During those years, Singapore’s public transport breakdowns become more frequent and yet SMRT and SBS take home record profits. SMRT CEO Desmond Kuek was parachuted from the Singapore army and he took home more salaries than his predecessors.Public transport fares have risen but service quality continue to deteriorate. How many times have we heard this sentence: “If you want better service, be prepared to pay more”?

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  2. Employment
    There is no Minimum Wage in Singapore and the biggest losers are Singaporean poor. Has anyone tried to live on a take-home pay of S$800 a month after CPF deduction? The low income workers are voiceless because they have to work from morning to night, and many of them are elderly Singaporeans, competing with the influx of cheap foreign labour. The government says Singaporeans do not want to work in these low income jobs, and their solution is to import more foreign labour.The middle income workers are not spared either, if not already, they are also among the worst casualties from the influx of foreigners. Many qualified Singaporeans ended up driving taxis or working in jobs earning a sorry income that could not support a family. The Singapore government discourage Singaporeans from getting a degree saying that there are not enough jobs for everyone, but yet at the same time, they import more foreign degree holders to compete for jobs.

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  3. 6.9 million population
    In the past week of election campaigning, the incumbent ruling party has been consistent in their stance on population: increase is the only way forward. Former Ministers and MPs weighed in on the subject signalling their refusal to back down on increasing the population despite the lack of infrastructure to accommodate the population target.Singapore’s population as of 2014 was 5.55 million and is already bursting at its sleeves with failing public transport system and unaffordable housing prices. There is no solution but only more problems. The ruling party’s threaten Singaporeans with an ageing population, but for every new citizen taken in, the ageing population problem worsen with elderly parents imported in too. They claimed an ageing population will stress the country’s expenditures, but Singaporeans have their CPF and Medishield which come from the people’s own salaries and not from government spending. The 6.9 million population is an indefensible policy, but who gains the most from the influx of new citizens who are excused National Service? Who are these new citizens most likely to vote for? It is not farfetched at all to believe the unsustainable population policy is aimed primarily at shoring up votes for the ruling party when there are an increasing number of new citizens standing as MPs.

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  4. Politics
    Candidates from both camps have asked what kind of politics Singaporeans want, and this is indeed a very apt question because many Singaporeans are suffering consequences from their political views.HDB upgrading and infrastructural improvements are held at ransom when these initiatives are taxpayers-funded. A town council can be sued three times in court by a government ministry for lapses, yet in other statutory boards with apparent corruption allegations are not treated with at least the same level of scrutiny and attention. A politic-controlled media that cannot be trusted and ranked 153th in the world, feeding Singaporeans wrong and biased information everyday. A close kin become director of the sovereign wealth fund company. An election department and a corruption bureau reporting to a single political leader. A Prime Minister who is out for blood and demand bankruptcy for a criticism over the internet. A government mental asylum being used as a political tool to weed out critics. Election candidates using threats, warnings and insults to win support. Irresponsible promises churned to win support. Double standards.

    All these are just a few examples resulted from bad politics. What kind of politics are we really having?

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