Former Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong launched a tirade of political attacks against the Workers’ Party at his lunchtime rally today.

“If ever the Workers’ Party become the government of Singapore, I say liao (die)! Finished! Make no mistake about this! They aspire to be the government of Singapore. But we are entitled to ask them what are you capable of doing, what do you intend to do, show that you are fit to be the government of Singapore.

Don’t say you are going to be the government but you tell people one day I will be the government, not yet lah just give me a chance. So I think that if Mr Low Thia Kiang were honest, when he heard Png Eng Huat said those things on stage, he also malu don’t know where to hide his face.”

Quoting his father Lee Kuan Yew, he said Singapore did very well and the subsequent teams including himself are doing very well and that is the way to make Singapore work.

Lee Hsien Loong also told Singaporeans that his PAP team is the new team Singaporeans need, and Singaporeans need more PAP MPs because his contestants are of “substance”. He dismissed Opposition parties of having no track record and they don’t know how to handle money.

Screenshot from Facebook video
Screenshot from Facebook video