I get to vote for myself as MP in the coming GE. (Four years ago, my wife, my children and I moved into Aljunied to live in the Paya Lebar ward that was under my charge. So I too am a voter of Aljunied. )

I’d dearly like to vote for myself, but feel that I should be responsible about it.

So I looked into ESM Goh Chok Tong’s recent advice to Aljunied voters.

First, “When you vote for somebody, you must vote for a candidate whose values you appreciate – values like humility, sincerity, hard work, integrity, honesty,” he said, “that’s very important.” CHECK [X].

Second, “You must look to your own interests.” !? CHECK [X].

Thank you, ESM Goh.

Chen Show Mao

Photo from Chen Show Mao
Photo from Chen Show Mao

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