A reader submitted an email letter by a chairman of a condominium management warning a PAP grassroot leader that it is inappropriate to distribute PAP Manifesto to residents of a private condo.

“Dear Miss Chua Shun Vin,

Yesterday morning, our Condo Manager was asked by some men wearing PAP polo-T to distribute PAP Manifesto. He was not informed beforehand. Management Council was also not also not informed of the distribution.

By the time Council realised it, the Manifesto had already been distributed to all blocks except the “Voting” postcard.

Council had received feedbacks from some of our residents on why the distribution was done by our estate personnel and did Council gave permission to do so?

Such action is not appropriate in a private condominium.

Dr. Tor Yam Khoon
Chairman, MCST 2122
Bukit Regency”

Photo from reader
Photo from reader