Malaysia’s Barisan Nasional condemned former Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say for his anti-Malaysian comments through the mainstream media The New Straits Times today (Sept 6). The candidate for East Coast GRC Lim Swee Say has implied that Malaysian and China citizens are of inferior quality by saying “HENG AH! I am not Malaysian.”

Malaysia’s ruling party UMNO also hit out at Lim Swee Say saying he is an “arrogant man who cared less about the sentiments of Malaysians”:

“Lim’s position as a minister does not reflect his position as a cabinet minister. Perhaps he is short of campaign material. He could have instead shared his vision and mission with his constituents rather than bad-mouthing other countries.”

Malaysia’s MIC leader have more scathing words for Lim Swee Say:

“Lim is a minister who behaves like an idiot. Singapore should be embarrassed for having a cabinet minister like him.”

UMNO Youth exco member also attacked Lim Swee Say:

“A move such as that only serves to show how little respect he has for other nations, raising questions of how he would treat those who are in disagreement with him. He chose to demonise other nations rather than focusing on issues of his constituency. Is this the conduct of a parliamentary candidate of a modern nation such as Singapore?”

Photo of New Sunday Times by Teo Soh Lung
Photo of New Sunday Times by Teo Soh Lung