In his media interview today (Sept 4), PAP candidate for Marine Parade GRC Goh Chok Tong warn young Singaporeans that voting the Opposition will cause the country to be unstable and disorderly.

“And it is this stability – in contrast to the fervour the hustings – that is fundamental to Singapore’s success story. Without the political stability the country enjoys, the next generation of Singaporeans will face “a very bleak future

I look at the situation beyond the nine-day excitement. It’s alright to have excitement over these nine days, but after Polling Day, what kind of Singapore do we have? Do you want to have a very exciting Singapore, which means that politically it’s not so stable, or do you want life to resume like before the election – where you go to work, take the MRT, make a living and settle into orderly Singapore?

“I’m concerned with our longer-term stability, beginning with this election. I look at the region, and countries around us are politically uncertain. If we are (seen) as a politically unstable country 10, 15 years from now, then I think you have a big problem, and younger people will have a very bleak future.”

The former Emeritus Senior Minister claimed that the Singapore President role was created to ensure that no new government can promise “election titbits”:

“In government my big worry is we are a government with a lot of reserves. If Opposition parties play populist politics, they have a good chance to win. So we introduced the presidency to take away this promise of titbits. After each election, surpluses go back to reserves so nobody during an election can promise free healthcare, free education, free bus fares. We thought through this long term, and took away populist politics of election because there is a President.”

Photo from Facebook
Photo from Facebook

However before this 2015 General Election was called, the ruling party PAP government was the one who introduced a slew of “titbits” costing undisclosed hundreds of millions in HDB subsidies, special GST payment, special SG50 bonuses, new swimming pools, new childcare centres, new coffeeshops, new HDB upgrading and even free public transport train rides for the 12 new Downtown line stations this December.

It is unclear why Goh Chok Tong did not comment on the electoral titbits and most notably, on the issue where the Singapore PAP government quietly spent S$45.6 billion from the National Reserves to prop up the Singapore currency.

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