An election is usually an opportunity to change government policies in a democratic country, and voters are exceptionally empowered during election period, with the exception of Singapore.

Photo from propertyinvestmentssingapore

Photo from propertyinvestmentssingapore


A good majority expect solutions from the very same group who created the problems, and even when proven wrong, they are willing to give the ruling party “another chance”. The very reality for the coming election is unfortunately again status quo.

If you could agree on either of the following two conditions:

1) PAP will continue to be government
2) Opposition cannot be government

Here are the government policies which will remain status quo:

  1. 6.9 million Population
    Lee Hsien Loong doesn’t want to talk about this but his Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say has made himself crystal clear: more foreigners will be imported in the same manner as recent years. Businesses need their cheap foreign labour. Worried about job security and lost of identity? Sorry, it will worsen.
  2. Public Transport
    SBS and SMRT are going to continue raking in tens of millions. Public transport fares will continue to increase. Train breakdowns are going to be as frequent. Sorry, it will worsen.
  3. Retirement
    CPF will not be returned in full. CPF Life will remain. CPF Withdrawal Age and Minimum Sum will not be lowered. Temasek Holdings and GIC will not be accountable to you. Sorry, it will worsen.
  4. Income inequality
    If you see someone who is picking cardboard for a living, tell him frankly that they will have to continue so for at least the next 5 years until the 2020 elections. GST will not decrease, more rich people are still coming in to jack up the property prices, there will still be no Minimum Wage and there will be more poor. Sorry, it will worsen.
  5. Cost of living
    Housing debt will remain at 25 years. Private companies are still profiting from your miseries. Salaries will continue to drop. Singaporean working hours will remain the longest in the world. Productivity will continue to decline. Sorry, it will worsen

Singapore will not be magically transformed into Australia, Finland or Switzerland after this election so long the ruling party PAP is in-charge. You can however count your blessings you will not become Philippines or Indonesia. Yet.