Taking credit for the increase in paternity leaves, Marine Parade PAP MP Seah Kian Peng said that he has been pushing for paternity leaves for the past 10 years since 2006:

“The things that I believe in, the causes that I’ve pushed over nearly 10 years – many of them are largely family-related causes. When I went into Parliament in 2006, the first Budget debate I participated in was 2007. For the next six years after that I was pushing for paternity leave. I’m glad that finally this was legislated. This was what I believed in, this was what I pushed for.”

Just earlier this week, 1 week of paternity leaves were added but is optional for all private limited employers.

Also the CEO for NTUC Fair Price, MP Seah Kian Peng claimed that he is speaking up for single mothers too but there were no Parliamentary records to back up his claims. The only MP who has been consistently pushing for equal rights for single parents is Workers’ Party MP Lee Lilian, who first raised the issue in 2013.

Photo from channelnewsasia
Photo from channelnewsasia

In the official announcement of Marine Parade GRC PAP candidates, another PAP MP Edwin Tong, who is a full-time lawyer and took headlines when he represented City Harvest Church founder Kong Hee, vowed to help the rich living in private properties because they are excluded from many government assistance programs.

The other PAP MP in the GRC line-up is MP Fatimah Lateef, a full time doctor whose presence in parliament went largely unnoticed among Singaporeans.

Leading these low profile and characteristically unknown MPs are Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong and  Minister Tan Chuan Jin. Minister Tan Chuan Jin was recently put out of his Manpower Ministry portfolio to become the Minister for Social and Family Development. The one-term MP and Minister claimed that he has a “very strong” belief that he is giving back to society and looking after Singaporeans.

Marine Parade GRC MP Tin Pei Ling has been kicked out of the GRC and will contest in a SMC of her own at Macpherson because her poor performance and inexperience caused the former Prime Minister ward to lose close to 20% since its last contested GE result.