Photo of Goh Chok Tong from channelnewsasia

In his media interview over the introduction of Marine Parade GRC candidates, Senior Emeritus Minister Goh Chok Tong made several baseless and simplistic claims saying his ruling party government is good while the Opposition are bad and arrogant.

Photo of Goh Chok Tong from channelnewsasia
Photo of Goh Chok Tong from channelnewsasia

EM Goh Chok Tong first said that there are only 3 type of governments – the good, bad and ugly. Then he started claiming Lee Hsien Loong Government is good because he has seen many “ugly governments” when he was overseas:

“I’ve travelled all over the world as PM. I know the impact of politics on people’s lives … I came to the conclusion that we can categorise government into three categories: The good, the bad, the ugly. As you can see now, in many countries in the world, there are ugly governments. We are lucky that we have a good Government. So I look at this election as a mandate for the Lee Hsien Loong Government.

If the Government doesn’t get a good support, you’re repudiating what they’re doing. It’s very important that you give them a very clear signal and support their agenda.”

After that, the 74 year old started making baseless allegations about the Opposition calling them “nomads” and behaving like “roosters”:

“Opposition parties come and go like nomads. Nomads will not have an interest in the people’s welfare. A new tribe is coming – do they really have interest in Marine Parade’s welfare?Having spent forty years there, the residents know me. I will leave it to them to decide whether I’ve done a good job or not.

The opposition will be there just throwing all kinds of distractions. You know the fable of the rooster that crows when the sunrises? The rooster goes around claiming that it’s the crow causing the sun to rise. So that’s what they’re doing.”

Singling out his Marine Parade GRC opponent, the Workers’ Party, EM Goh Chok Tong then call them arrogant:

“Strength is relative. They (WP) are stronger than NSP (National Solidarity Party) – there’s no doubt about it – but there is a certain arrogance about them.

With that arrogance will they be able to replace me and my team? Let them try.

Are we worried that WP is coming to MP? Look at the way they run their Town Council’s finances and look at the way we run (ours).

You decide – who do you want to manage your town council?”