Independent candidate Tan Lam Siong has refused People’s Power Party sect-gen Goh Meng Seng’s last offer to avoid the 3 corner fight in Potong Pasir. In his media interview, PPP Goh Meng Seng said:

“I have indeed met up with Mr Tan Lam Siong yesterday night to make the last-ditch effort to defuse the potential bomb of a three-cornered fight at Potong Pasir. I have urged Mr Tan to join my team at CCK but unfortunately I have failed to convince him to come over.

Although there is seriously very little time left, we still hope Mr Tan could reconsider our proposal. Nevertheless, if Mr Tan so decides to continue his campaign at Potong Pasir, we can only hope the best candidate wins”

Photo from Facebook
Photo from Facebook

Potong Pasir SMC will continue to be a three-corner fight between PAP Sitoh Yi Pin, SPP Lina Chiam and Independent Tan Lam Siong. Many Singaporeans have earlier expressed much hope from an earlier report saying that the independent candidate will avoid Potong Pasir SMC, but it seems they will be disappointed again.

Editor’s note: States Times Review has earlier published an article confirming Tan Lam Siong has joined CCK GRC from multiple insiders’ sources. We apologize for the error.