The National Talent and Population Division today (August 25) announced that the Baby Bonus will increase by S$2,000 in cash and S$1,000 in Medisave grants for all babies born from Jan 1 this year. The disbursement of the S$2,000 cash will be given out between the 12th and 18th month of the child’s birthday and will extend to all children instead of just the first 4 kids.

Photo from NPTD
Photo from NPTD

The first two children will now give married parents S$8,000 each while the third and consecutive child will give the parents S$10,000 each.

Despite these seemingly-generous cash incentives, Singaporeans are already unlikely to have 4 children and the possibility of having more than 4 children is even rarer given the challenging cost of living in Singapore.

Paternity leave will be increased by 1 more week but this is optional for all private limited employers. Each child will also get a S$4,000 Medisave grant, which is supposed to help pay for MediShield Life premiums until the age of 21.

The latest slew of Baby Bonus benefits will still only apply to married parents, however, single parents will not receive equal treatment despite strong calls from the public and Opposition MP Lee Lilian.