The video of a man slapping a racist and getting into a fight at Jurong Spring Community Club is now under police investigation. The incident happened two days ago (August 19) and it was recorded and uploaded to Facebook by a Macdonald delivery rider.

Screenshot from Facebook video
Screenshot from Facebook video

In the video, a Chinese man in his late 40s was seen making racist slurs against an Indian man and an Indian lady. The Indian man later walked away while the racist continued his rant against the Indian lady. The Indian man then returned and gave him a tight slap in the face, soon after, blows were exchanged with the racist getting walloped most of the time. The video ended with the duo leaving the restaurant, presumably to continue their fight outside.

Throughout the incident there were several by-standers who were around and did nothing, with the exception of the Indian lady attempting to the fight. The nationality of the racist is unknown, but the Indian lady carries a Singaporean accent.

The two involved in the fight may face criminal charges, while the racist man may also face sedition charges for injuring feelings of a specific race. The Singapore Police however did not comment on the possible charges faced by both men nor did they advise what is the right thing to do under these circumstances except to say the video is under investigation.

You may view the viral video here.