Photo of Lee Hsien Loong from Yahoo Singapore

What seems like a golden opportunity to finally voice out against destructive national policies is now becoming more of a political circus themed Town Council by the ruling party PAP. Everyone is now suddenly more concerned with Town Council management, or the mis-management of it, because the government-controlled media Singapore Press Holdings are making headlines about it everyday.

Photo of Lee Hsien Loong from Yahoo Singapore
Photo of Lee Hsien Loong from Yahoo Singapore

We know the Workers’ Party is just a victim of the usual political fixing antics by the ruling party PAP, it is in their white DNA to smear the Opposition. Let’s not take them too seriously because the people have more important concerns to worry about, and we are talking about the realistic dollars and cents affecting your livelihood. Here are 3 indefensible issues to remind you to sit up and start asking the right question:

1) 6.9 million population
Just last week, Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say said he is still approving 260 Employment Pass holders every week which make up to 13,520 EP foreigners every year. Throw in the number of S-Pass holders and you will have around 100,000 every year, along with 20,000 new citizens. Clearly, 6.9 million population is still in the PAP’s mind. They did not forget about it, they just did not tell you about it.

Feeling overcrowded and losing your sense of Singaporean identity? Thank the men in white but beware of the level of hypocrisy coming from them. They are subtly selling you the 6.9 million potion by getting you to agree about the “Singaporean core” so they can bring in more foreigners. That is until you realise the meaning of a Singaporean core actually means “new Singaporean citizen core” and an elite core comprising of only the PAP and their supporters. Most Singaporeans remain outside this core along with the influx of foreigners competing for jobs and depressed wages.

2) Retirement
The PAP Government has been working exceptionally hard expanding their unpopular Lease Buyback Scheme which only has a take-up rate of less than 10%. They have since concocted expansion versions like 2-Room Flexi, basically, asking people to sell their home for retirement*. Notice when I mention retirement, I am specifically referring to the ever-raising Minimum Sum which is standing at S$161,000 currently, because all proceeds and profits made from HDB downgrading will have to first fulfill the national CPF coffers.

Inherently speaking, the PAP has no solution to retirement. Telling you to sell your house is not a solution, and extending the retirement age to 67 years old isn’t either. Raising Minimum Sum doesn’t increase your income, it simply means you have to work longer and older to fulfill it. The PAP has no solution to this, which is why talking about Town Council management is way easier.

Speaking of retirement, Lee Hsien Loong is going into his 3rd term of premiership and it appears he is not retiring after all.

3) Public Transport
No solution as of yet, worse, no takers to replace the Transport Minister. Aren’t those men in white directors and high-fliers? Yet not a single one out of the 80+ PAP MPs is willing to step forward. The bigger problem about public transport in Singapore, is nationalization of losses and privatization of profits. Last I checked that Singaporeans were not entitled to a single cent of the S$80+ million SBS and SMRT made in 3 months, while a year ago, Singaporeans paid more than S$1.1 billion in taxes for the Bus Services Enhancement Programme that gives 500 buses to the private public transport operators. Both SBS and SMRT are owned by Temasek Holdings and their CEO is the wife of the Prime Minister who is the overall-in-charge of the regulatory stat board Public Transport Council. You join the dots.

4) Ministerial Salaries
Due to public pressure and intense ridicule in the previous election, PM Lee Hsien Loong and his ministers took a pay cut. However, Lee Hsien Loong is still paid 4 times more than the US President, and we all know Lee Hsien Loong is certainly not even a quarter as talented as President Obama who won his seat without telling people who his father was (the editor has no idea who Obama’s father was but he knows a certain Lee Kuan Yew).

5) Lapses and corruptions
No dishonesty. Good intentions. Amazing excuses and they worked! There was no outrage over the government statutory boards’ lapses and corrupted acts which are now under police investigations. Singaporeans are quick to point out the faults and corruptions of their Malaysian government counterpart but when such scandals happened to the Singapore Government, many lost their voice and their self-righteousness somehow.

Having a righteous voice is expensive in Singapore, we just need to check with Roy Ngerng how much.

The Town Council management issue is a blown-up saga, otherwise the police would have hauled the entire Workers’ Party in jail by now. Same goes to the three corner fights artificially created by opposition parties of dubious intentions. Let’s now start looking at the right direction before we wait another 5 years shall we?