The National Solidarity Party (NSP) is set to lose Tampines GRC, Sembawang GRC and Pioneer SMC after their approval tumbled when they announced their decision to reverse their promise and contest in a three-corner fight with the Workers’ Party.

Photo of Steve Chia from wn
Photo of Steve Chia from wn

Here are the seven reasons why:

1) Lost credibility by reneging on their commitment to not go into a three-corner fight
More than ten hours of painstaking meeting were held between the Opposition parties to avoid a three-corner fight. The latest decision by NSP has disrespected everyone, especially the Singapore Democratic Party who let them have Sembawang GRC out of goodwill.

2) Lost more credibility when its Secretary General resigned in protest
How is the party going to find a new Secretary General now? This is a PR fiasco.

3) Workers’ Party caused other Opposition parties to lose their electoral deposits
The WP caused SDA’s Desmond Lim to lose his electoral deposit twice and the Reform Party’s Kenneth Jeyaretnam in Punggol East. NSP’s candidate is Steve Chia, a non-heavyweight in the party and is expected to be worse off than the previous two who are secretary-generals in their own party. The Workers’ Party is officially the preferred brand of Opposition in Singapore from the number of elected seats in Parliament, compared to zero achieved by the NSP.

4) Steve Chia is the wrong person for Macpherson SMC
Steve Chia contested at Pioneer SMC in the last election and has been working his grounds at Pioneer since. He has never stepped foot in Macpherson before and it is unlikely Macpherson residents will vote him over the platinum branding of the Workers’ Party.

5) Lost support from Opposition supporters and neutral middle ground voters
Nobody likes a politician who doesn’t keep his promises. Worse, Singaporeans are now convinced the NSP lost the plot and are not serious in taking on the ruling party PAP.

6) Attacks from both PAP and WP
As if fighting the PAP and their hoard of paid internet brigade is bad enough, the NSP will face WP’s supporters who dominate the Singapore political scene on the internet

7) Workers’ Party can return NSP’s favour in similar fashion
As the preferred brand of Opposition in Singapore, the WP can also offer more choices to residents in Tampines, Sembawang and Pioneer by contesting in 3-corner fights with NSP. The WP have the resources and the candidates, and it is impossible of them to lose their electoral deposit.

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