In his featured interview with government-controlled media Channel News Asia, independent candidate for Potong Pasir SMC Tan Lam Siong said that he is not afraid of losing his S$16,000 electoral deposit because “it is worth it”:

“We need to look at our priorities and what’s more important. There are some things you just have to do, even if it comes at a great cost. If it’s worth doing it, you do it.”

Photo of Tan Lam Siong from Facebook
Photo of Tan Lam Siong from Facebook

The lawyer also said he is a better candidate than SPP NCMP Lina Chiam and PAP MP Sitoh Yih Pin but did not explain in which area. Tan Lam Siong also do not believe a three corner fight will only benefit the PAP:

“It could very well turn out to be the PAP losing more votes. If you have a two-cornered fight where people can’t see a better alternative, then of course you know where the votes will go. But if you have a better candidate in a multi-cornered fight, then I don’t think it is given the PAP will garner more votes. I hope to prove this assumption wrong this time.”

In the last General Election, SPP Lina Chiam lost to the PAP by 114 votes, due to the election carrots of HDB lift upgradings  – a national upgrading programme which Potong Pasir residents have been denied 27 years for because they are an Opposition ward. Tan Lam Siong will contest as an Independent in Potong Pasir SMC.