In a media interview with the media, Senior Minister of State and PAP MP for East Coast GRC Lee Yi Shyan said that the Workers’ Party comes to Bedok only once every 5 years and that he is considering giving the opposition “free tour guide services” as they might even get lost:

“Someone was joking to me that because we have undergone so many changes in Bedok Town Centre, some of (the Opposition candidates) who come here once every five years might get lost, so we might need to provide free tour guide services to show them around”

Photo of Lee Yi Shyan from Facebook
Photo of Lee Yi Shyan from Facebook


Minister Lee Yi Shyan is referring to the series of construction upgrades done at Bedok Central and credited himself and the PAP team for the “hard work”:

“These changes were the outcome of plans laid six years back, and due to the hard work and commitment by the East Coast GRC team which has been working on the ground since the last GE in 2011”

The Workers’ Party last won 45.17% in East Coast GRC in the previous election and they will be contesting the constituency again. East Coast GRC is also the constituency for unpopular Minister Lim Swee Say.