In a government video featuring himself, Law Minister K Shanmugam said that Singapore will take care of Singaporeans and that the country provides opportunities to every Singaporean.

Screenshot of K Shanmugam from Facebook video
Screenshot of K Shanmugam from Facebook video

The cringe-worthy government video started off with a boy asking his father what he want to be when he grows up, to which his father said:

“In Singapore, you can be anything you want to be.”

The propaganda-accented video is meant to instill a sense of confidence among young Singaporeans, who are finding Singapore increasingly unlivable and unaffordable due to the influx of foreigners.

Currently, the foreigner presence stands at 45% and employment opportunities among Singaporeans become threatened as university graduates from third world countries flood the Singapore market. The strongest indication of the unhappiness among Singaporeans is perhaps the ballot box where the PAP Government obtained the worst performing votes ever in 2011.

The next General Election will be coming in a few months’ time and this time will better reflect the true sentiments and aspirations of Singaporeans.