The infamous owner of a mobile phone shop at Sim Lim Square is facing up to 10 years jail for cheating when he forced victims, mainly tourists, to purchase exorbitant “warranties” for their handsets. Jover Chew tricked 25 customers amounting to a total of S$14,449 between the period from January and October 2014. He has also threatened to revoke a customer’s work permit if he doesn’t pay him S$600.

Photo of Jover Chew from Mediacorp
Photo of Jover Chew from Mediacorp

Now-defunct Mobile Air owner Jover Chew is facing 28 charges including insulting behaviour where he made a PRC tourist customer, Ms Zou Jing Tong, pick up hundreds of coins amounting to S$547 on the floor on Oct 28 2014. The S$547 refund was ordered by the Small Claims Tribunal.

In November 2014, a Vietnamese tourist went down on his knees begging for a refund while Jover Chew and his employees laugh at him.

Four other employees were also charged in court for cheating:

1) Koh Guan Seng, 38, facing 15 counts of cheating totaling S$9,789
2) Lim Hong Ching, 33, facing 2 counts of cheating totaling S$1,600
3) Kelvin Lim Zhi Wei, 32, facing 1 count of cheating totaling S$330
4) Kam Kok Keong, 31, facing conspiracy to cheat

The next pre-trial conference for the five men is on August 27.