A new PAP candidate for Ang Mo Kio GRC has been introduced by retiring MP Inderjit Singh, which the latter touted him as “passionate in helping SMEs”:

“He’s quite passionate about some things, including helping SMEs like I have been, and I’m glad there’s someone who will be able to play that role.”

Photo of Henry Kwek from thestraitstimes
Photo of Henry Kwek from thestraitstimes

39 year-old Henry Kwek is an executive director of a private investment and trading company Foodtraco Supplies. He is also the vice-chairman of MP Inderjit’s Citizens’ Consultative Committee at Kebun Baru.

Henry Kwek will likely join the elite rank of PAP MPs who are pro-business to the point where Minimum Wage are opposed. The employment rights in Singapore pales in comparison to other first world countries and the Singapore employees work the longest hours, at 2,389.4 hours in a year, in the world.

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