Singapore National cyclist Vincent Ang is currently under police investigation for assaulting his team mate Ang Kee Meng. According to the 29 year old victim, he was hit by Vincent Ang on two different occasions resulting in bruises to his head.

Photo from Facebook
Photo from Facebook

The incident started with 38 year old Vincent Ang, a bronze medalist during the recent SEA Games, being angered by a cycling movement by another national team mate Calvin Sim. During the dispute, Ang Kee Meng defended Calvin Sim which led to Vincent Ang hitting him on the back twice. Calvin Sim, Ang Kee Meng and a few other riders then leave the group to have breakfast at the Adam Road hawker centre.

Some 30 to 45 minutes later, the national cyclist appeared and confronted Ang Kee Meng, this time, hitting him on the back of his head while he was still seated. A rider of the group, Ronnie Yang, said:

“Vincent walked directly to where Kee Meng was seated and asked him if he would like to settle it there and then. Before Kee Meng could give him a response, Vincent had hit Kee Meng across the head. Vincent looked like he was about to get more violent, so two of our friends stood up to shield Kee Meng and told Vincent to leave. Kee Meng remained seated all this while and appeared quite shocked by the whole episode.”

The attack left the victim Ang Kee Meng with bruises to his head and even had to take 3 days of medical leave. He later lodged a police report against Vincent Ang who is now under police investigation for assault.