Sengkang Residential Committees (RC) grassroots leaders apparently made a mistake and put up the Singapore flags on a Sengkang HDB block in reverse direction.

Photo from reader
Photo from reader

The photo of the unnamed block was taken two days ago (July 16) at around 10.30am. The putting up of Singapore National flags are done by grassroots leaders from the ruling PAP government, and not residents from the block. As it will be embarrassing to the ruling PAP government that Singaporeans do not have a sense of national identity to voluntarily put up the national flag, the Singapore Government will task their grassroots RC in every constituency every national day.

However, given that lesser Singaporeans are joining the PAP-linked grassroots RC, there is a serious manpower shortage to put up flags in every HDB block in time for National Day. The grassroots RC will usually contract foreign workers to put up the flags for them.

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