The controversial musical led by Filipino actors about Singapore’s earlier years during the Independence has abruptly shut down when it is supposed to run till July 19. According to a Singaporean crew member of the S$2.72 million Filipino production, he has not been paid yet and his contract was delayed. The staging provider Capitol Theatre said that the muscial had closed last week (July 5) and a check on its website revealed that the ticket purchasing page has become a blank page.

Photo from Singapura the Musical
Photo from Singapura the Musical

Many Singaporeans expressed their disapproval of the musical having the Singapore history played by Filipino leads and chose to boycott the production. The Filipino director, composer and lead actors were however unfazed by the criticisms and even said the Filipino actors were learning Singlish to speak like a Singaporean.

The musical display a heavy political accent and is perceived by many Singaporeans as another propaganda gimmick to woo votes. Its latest shutdown  due to financial troubles seems to suggest Singaporeans have won after all.

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