More than 200 yoga students have made police reports against Sadhana Sanctuary Yoga Studio, a yoga school based in Orchard. The yoga school situated at the level 5 of Visioncrest Commercial building was found closed yesterday morning (July 11) and more than 500 yoga students were at the site trying to find out what happened. One yoga student who was interviewed by the press said that she paid more than S$2,000 for a yoga package just three days ago (July 9).

According to Sadhana Sanctuary’s website, the school management has been uncontactable but the six yoga teachers are helping the students seeking an answer from the school and even helping to organise free yoga classes when they are most likely ended up not getting paid.

Photo from reader
Photo from reader

Sadhana Sanctuary Facebook page has been taken out, and according to a reader, the teachers have not been paid since June. The yoga school is said to be owned by a Russian lady and the school was previously involved with a case of under-declaring salaries to obtain employment passes for its workers. Below is an article reproduced with permission from The Real Singapore:

“We have received a tip off from a number of ex and current employees of Russian Business Solutions “Sadhana Sanctuary” that the company is knowingly over-declaring the incomes of several foreign workers on the Employment Pass, Type P2 in order to take advantage of cheaper foreign labour.
Some ex-employees of the company have alerted us that there are many talents all of whom are P2 EP holders from receptionist and sales executives to yoga teachers and none of these positions meet the criteria for Type P2 yet they have all had their passes approved.
The minimum salary would need to be $4500 for the EP, however all the staff are actually only paid a little over $1k.
We received a copy of the “payslip” that is signed by the company manager and sent each month to MOM that shows that 1 worker is supposedly earning $4,500:
Photo from reader
Photo from reader

But another ex-employee of the company texted Warren with a new job offer and to find out what his actual pay was. He replied that he gets paid a basic salary of $1300:

Photo from reader
Photo from reader
In fact, according to our source, this is only one example and many of the other staff members of the company also have salaries that are over-declared.
MOM has been alerted about these practices but has failed to respond to any emails.
This is not the first time that this company has been reported to MOM and yet, the company still exists and has not had to pay any fines.
This is certainly not the only business that over-declares incomes in order to get EPs, a simple browse on expat forums such as reveal many threads of workers claiming that they overdeclare their incomes to MOM (Link).
Is MOM really unaware of such violations? Perhaps until MOM finds a more permanent solution to this
ever-growing problem, we need to go undercover and expose such companies.
And you wonder why so many local Singaporeans are having such a hard time looking for jobs.
Despite these “measures” to ensure that foreigners aren’t actually that much “cheaper” than Singaporeans, many businesses are finding loopholes to get access to their cheaper labour.”