The Singapore Manpower Ministry today (July 8) announced sweeping changes to the existing employment regulations in view of the coming General Elections which was speculated by the government-controlled media to be on September 12 this year:

1) Starting October 1, employers will be required to publish the salary range of the job vacancies in the national Job Bank.

2) Employers who do not state the salary range in the Job Bank will not be allowed to hire foreigners on Employment Passes (EPs).

3) Employers with a high number of foreigner employees will require to submit information whether if Singaporeans are considered fairly for the jobs.

4) Foreigners with dubious degrees, especially those from degree mills, will have their work passes rejected.

5) For the next two years, employers who employ mature PMEs (not sure if applies to Singaporeans only) who have been unemployed for at least six months into mid-level jobs that pay at least S$4,000 will receive 40% in wage subsidies from the Singapore Government, with a subsidy cap of S$2,800 a month per employee.

6) An employment dispute tribunal, Employment Claims Tribunal (ECT), will be set up to resolve statutory and contractual employment disputes for all employees who earn less than S$4,500 a month.

Photo from MOM
Photo from MOM