According to Amos Yee’s lawyers, the 16 year old started a hunger strike to protest against his mistreatment during his remand period at the Singapore’s mental hospital, Institute of Mental Health. Amos has been sent to hospital due to a drop of his blood sugar level .

Update: According to film-maker Martyn See, Amos Yee is now in the Emergency Ward seeking treatment and has not eaten for 3 days.

Update: According to Roy Ngerng, Amos Yee​ is depressed and he is not eating. 2 days ago, he weighed 43kg, losing 2 to 4kg from the day he was arrested.

Update: According to the theonlinecitizen media interview with Amos Yee’s mother Mary Toh,

“Even this morning, he was asking me why he can’t be released. Amos pleaded [with me] to get him out soon. He can’t stand even another day in there. He said prison is better than IMH.

IMH staff thought Amos could be discharged today,” Mdm Toh said then, adding that the staff have been very helpful but are also concerned about the teenager who she said has not eaten for three days.

“They are all very concerned and worried, but say they can’t do anything,” Mdm Toh said, referring to the IMH staff.”

The delivery of Amos’s sentencing which is due to be deliver tomorrow is likely to be delayed.

Photo by thestraitstimes
Photo by thestraitstimes

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